Heal the Heart Stone Sets

Set #1

Set #2

Amethyst — connects your soul to the Divine love of the Goddess/God
Blue Lace Agate — overcomes self-doubt, encourages us to seek the truth; calming
Rhodochrosite — self-healing, enhances love of self, self-worth, self-forgiveness; cleanses, soothes, and heals the energy of the Heart chakra
Rhodonite — helps us to find hidden talents that can be used for the highest food of all humankind; helps us to understand our soul's purpose on Earth
Rose Quartz — unconditional love


There are two sets available. The stones pictured are the ones you get.
Use the Purchase buttons below to choose your set.
The penny is for size reference only and is not included in the set.

Set #1

Set #2

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