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October 22, 2010
Full Moon – Blood Moon   


Frederik Meijer Gardens & Chihuly Glass Exhibit

In September I went to the Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park in Grand Rapids to see the Dale Chihuly Glass Exhibit. Chihuly is my favorite glass artist. I learned about him when I was attending school at CCS. The first piece that I heard about was an installation that he did where he placed many pieces of hand-blown glass sculptures at the bottom of a lap pool; and you could actually swim in the pool! I thought that was so cool, and I wanted to see more of what he created.

He actually designs all the sculptures himself and draws the designs of what the installations will look like when finished, but he has a workshop of assistants and fellow glass-blowers who help he make each piece. Many of the very large sculptures have hundreds of smaller pieces that make up the bigger structure; each small piece must be hand-blown and then assembled to create the final large sculpture, like the Citron Green and Red Tower. Each sculpture is very colorful and takes hours upon hours upon hours of hard work to create. Some have similar colors and themes, which are part of a series of sculptures – like his Persian series, for example. Others are made as individual pieces, like his Blue Moon and Summer Sun. Some are for the outside, like the ones at the gardens; some are installed in galleries, or in private homes; some are comprised of several smaller glass pieces which come together to form a larger picture, like the Monarch Window; some are wall & window decorations on corporate buildings, libraries, or in museums; some are even made to float and interact with a body of water, like his Walla Wallas; and each one is unique. The one created in the pool is called Lap Pool, and is in The Boathouse, in Seattle, Washington. My favorite sculpture of his is the Blue Moon. I got to see that one in person at the garden exhibit.

It’s silly to try to describe glass sculptures to you without having a visual reference. I’ll include pictures that I took of some of the sculptures on display at the Frederik Meijer Garden exhibit to go in the archive. And check out this link to see some of Chihuly’s amazing work: Dale Chihuly Exhibits and Glass. (You'll have to scroll down past the large picture and click on the subject you want to select. Go to "Glass" to see examples of the glass art work.)

There were many other sculptures there at the gardens. (The Chihuly exhibit was only temporary.) Most were outside. We didn’t even get to see the ones in the museum because we ran out of time. It’s a really big place, with lots and lots of things to look at. One of my other favorite sculptors, Andy Goldsworthy, had a sculpture at the garden. Goldsworthy uses only natural materials in his work; no adhesives, no tools, no manipulation by man’s hand of any kind that will interfere with the natural beauty of the materials he finds out in Nature. So many of his pieces are temporary, and only last until the elements naturally destroy them. But this is part of his philosophy as an artist: that all things are transitory, all things change as the seasons change, and he returns all his art back to Mother Nature that provided the materials. From Nature we came and to Nature we will return. There is no easy way to describe his art; you really do have to see it to even believe it. There are some good photography books with his work; he always has to photo-document what he creates since it may not last outside very long. His materials are whatever can be found out in Nature: stones & rocks, sand, snow & ice, leaves, plants of all kinds, seashells, grass, soil, tree bark, rain, the way sunlight reflects on an object...everything Nature has to offer. He arranges the materials he’s gathered in whatever aesthetically pleasing way he wants, and then leaves the work to the Elements. Very intriguing. Here’s a link to see some of his work: Andy Goldsworthy Naturalist & Artist.

Besides all the sculptures there are acres and acres of gardens to explore, some with themes: for example the English Bulb & Perennial Garden, the Woodland Shade Garden, the Wetlands. Of course, most of the gardens are outside, but there is also a greenhouse where they have a Victorian Garden, a Tropical Conservatory, and an Arid Conservatory. There is an orchid display, which unfortunately, we didn’t get to see because there simply wasn’t enough time to see it all; although we saw some orchids in the Victorian Garden and Tropical Conservatory. Even spending a full day there was not enough; you really need a whole weekend - at least. There were a few ponds with sculptures in them as well as plants; and a waterfall. There was an entire Children’s Garden with interactive displays, ‘treasure hunts’, a log cabin, and a thatched story-telling hut, and sculptures throughout. The Children’s Garden was fun. Yes, I had to play a little. :) My favorite was the Arid Garden, because that’s where all the cacti and succulent plants were; and those are my favorite. Oh, and they had a garden room in the greenhouse that was for carnivorous plants, too.

Anyone interested in gardens, horticulture, botany, and sculpture should really get out to Grand Rapids to see the Frederik Meijer Garden and Sculpture Park if you get a chance. It’s really great. If that’s not in your area, try the Matthaei Botanical Gardens in Ann Arbor, MI. I went there several years ago for a Bonsai tree exhibit, and again for an Earth Day presentation. They also have outside gardens and indoor greenhouses. And, again, my favorite was the Cactus Garden. The Bonsai show was really cool, too. Both Matthaei Botanical and Frederik Meijer do different displays and presentations throughout the year, many are seasonal, and some, like the Chihuly Glass Exhibit, are traveling art shows. I think they are really awesome places to visit.

This month, Val & Laura & I set up a display for the annual Michigan Mineralogical Society’s Rock, Gem, & Fossil show done every October. The title of our display was “Minerals of the Da U.P., eh!” and our theme was minerals of Michigan’s Northern Upper Peninsula. We had many specimens to display; in fact, it was hard to decide what to include and what to leave out. We have so much cool stuff that we’ve collected from out trips we wanted to put it all in. We had some great Copper specimens, both collected and gifted to us; Iron ore based minerals, like Hematite & Jaspelite, and Copper ore based minerals, like Chrysocolla; beautiful pieces of Quartz; my Lake Superior Agates, found and gifted; Epidote crystals; Dolomite; Calcite; and rarer specimens like Hematized Quartz, Iridescent Hematite, Magnetite, and Garnet Pseudomorphs. We all thought it was a great display, and we received many compliments from some of the MMS members. It was kind of stressful to put together in a short amount of time – because of trying to coordinate each of our schedules we really only had a couple weeks to work on it – but it turned out really well, and actually was pretty fun to do. (Next year we won’t wait until the last minute, though!) Again, I’ll have a picture to add to the archive.

Blessings to all!
LL&P \\ //

~~~ Alicia

Crystal Healer Certification

On October 23 I did my ‘final exam’ for my Crystal/Stone Energy Healing classes, and now I am a certified Crystal/Stone Energy Practitioner. It’s officially official! I’ve been working hard at this and waiting for it for a very long time. So I pretty excited!

I took classes with Chris and Dave Wattenberg of Stone Healing Energy. They are a great couple with amazing gifts, and they are very good teachers. They also teach classes on tuning forks & sound healing, the Kabbalah & the Tree of Life, Energy Restoration, Protection for Practitioners, and have 3 different levels of stone classes. (You must do all three for certification.) Besides the classes, we also did a drum circle once, a Spirit Water ceremony, and a healing ritual called Passing the Flame. They are very personable and not judgmental at all. Some ‘New Age’ supposedly spiritual practitioners can be a little haughty and act like they are above everyone else, because they have all these psychic gifts. I don’t mean all, but I have met people like this and I think it is ridiculous and not very spiritual at all – and what they don’t realize is everyone has spiritual gifts, whether they utilize their gifts of not, or whether they are even aware they possess them or not. Well, the Wattenbergs are not like this at all. They are down-to-earth people who understand and teach the business aspect of healing (like HIPPA laws and legality) as well as the spiritual side. They are easy to talk to and always available if you have further questions. They are both very intuitive, especially Chris. She will often get messages from Spiritual Guides about how to proceed with a lesson or what is best to teach at what time during a class. And Dave is a gifted medium as well, and can directly channel Ancestors and Spiritual Healers who have passed on. I had a great time taking their workshops and I’d recommend them to others who want to learn new healing modality, enhance the spiritual gifts they already possess - as I did, or receive a healing a treatment themselves.

If anyone is interested in a crystal/stone healing treatment, please contact me directly at or at 000-000-0000, to schedule an appointment. As soon as possible I will have rates for the treatments posted on the website, plus a little more information on how logistically I plan to deliver the treatments. I will, most likely, travel to the client to do the healing. And I will also offer distance healing. Another modality I plan to offer is personal Medicine Wheels for healing people and pets. All this will be on the website once I get the wording and the prices set for each. But if someone is interested in a session now, please don’t hesitate to contact me to arrange a date and time.

Greenland Minerals

I wanted to write about Greenland minerals because of the high concentration of fluorescent minerals that can be found there. And since I didn’t have enough room to write about these fluorescent minerals in the last 2 newsletters, which were all about fluorescent minerals, I decided to do a separate newsletter just on the minerals of Greenland. Although not as many as New Jersey, in the United States – the “Fluorescent Mineral Capital of the World” – it does have some very rare and unusual fluorescent minerals. Many of its minerals are also tenebrescent, which means they change color when exposed to heat or sunlight.

Fiskenaesset Ruby-in-Matrix: A very powerful gem that induces a trance-like altered state of consciousness, which facilitates easier communication with the Spirit World. Protects against psychic attack. Also said to turn a darker color when the possessions of its keeper are being threatened, or when illness is looming, or when danger is present. Helps to access soul memories from past lives so the person can remember past successes and mistakes and learn from them in their present incarnation. For the healer, it helps to overcome spiritual depletion when one has given too much of their own energy to assist others in their evolution, but often neglect their own spiritual care. Passion, rekindles libido, ‘follow your bliss’, dynamic leadership, courage, selflessness, emotional independence and autonomy, and helps to strengthen the flow of the life force. Stimulates the immune system, improves circulation, overcomes lethargy and exhaustion, aids the heart, adrenals, kidneys, and reproductive organs.

Greenlandite: A stone on ancient energies, it is also one of protection against psychic vampirism; also protects the heart Chakra and its energies. It easily diffuses negative energies in any situation. Takes one back to the past to find the true source of dis-ease in the body so one can heal. Brings together the mental and emotional layers in harmony, strengthening the power of the intellect, while giving emotional awareness and imparting empathy and compassion. It also balances the male & females energies that reside within all people, again, promoting harmony between the two and encouraging a more balanced life. It reinforces leadership abilities and encourages decisiveness. Greenlandite has a strong connection to the Devic Kingdom and the Fairy Realms. It is a good stone to use when doing rituals to help strengthen Mother Earth and protect all of Nature. Supports the eyes, the thymus gland, adrenal glands, lungs, connective tissues, sinuses, heart, and works to ease skin irritations and allergic reactions (elixir recommended).

Hackmanite: Has a very high resonance and a fine, delicate vibration. Again, highly protective, this time of the energetic body and aura which are so susceptible to attack. Unites personal logic with the wisdom of the Universal Consciousness and “Divine knowing”. Assists one in finding one’s soul’s purpose. Helps one to find the ‘treasure within’ even the most difficult situations. Releases fears, phobias, neurosis, guilt, and negative control-defense mechanisms so that a person can get to their true self and heal it. Enhances self esteem, self worth, self acceptance, and self trust. Opens the mind to free it from rigid and useless mindsets, especially negative religious programming and imprints that were set with narrow mindedness and fear. Opens the mind to receive, evaluate, and embrace new and positive spiritual ideals. Also clears electromagnetic pollution. Is helpful to the metabolic and lymphatic systems, the immune system, the vocal chords and larynx. It is beneficial for calcium deficiencies (elixir recommended), radiation damage, torn ligaments, and absorption of essential fluids for the body.

Nuummite: The Sorcerer’s Stone. Again, a powerful protector against psychic manipulation and ill-wishing. Helps one to see beyond the façade that is often projected. An excellent stone for Shamanic journeys, particularly to the Lower World and to meet Power Animals, and especially for soul retrieval work and lost childhood work. Opens the doors to explore past lives and their lessons. Assists one in recognizing past life contracts with other souls, so one can see how, karmically, that lesson is applicable in this life. Restores cellular memory and clears self-imposed blockages. Removes difficulties placed on a person by another’s misguided assistance or inappropriate protection, thus helping the person to reestablish necessary boundaries and become more independent. Having dissolved these unhelpful defense mechanisms and imposed behavior patterns, it helps the person to become their true self; understanding that one is responsible for one's own life, thoughts, actions, words, and will. Teaches respect and honor of self. Helpful to treat insomnia, general stress reliever, degenerative diseases, insulin regulation, tissue regeneration, headaches, eyes, brain, kidneys, and nerves.

Tugupite with Nuummite: A powerful combination stone, which creates an impenetrable shield that protects with loving-kindness and facilitates change where is it needed. Particularly helpful in healing work when reversing the effects of a deprived or unsafe childhood. Also very helpful in spirit release where a discarnate spirit in trying to stay attached to an incarnated person in an attempt to help them, but may be causing unintended fear or confusion to that person. It helps the spirit release his/her hold on the person, allowing the spirit relief and understanding that the person must take responsibility for their own lives and that they can pass on the next life in peace, without worrying about the person. Helps the person to help themselves and release the spirit with love and acceptance of their passing. Encourages forgiveness. Severs old non-useful connections. Allows unconditional love to flow more freely between beings. Helps the ‘victim' archetype to become an independent, strong survivor and use their own resourcefulness and energy to improve their lives instead of accepting defeat.

Ussingite: Violet Ussingite vibrates with serenity and spiritual purification. It opens the consciousness to welcome in greater spiritual vision, Divine knowledge, and acts as a communicator with the Angelic Realms. A highly mystical mineral that allows one to travel on multi-dimensional levels. Pink Ussingite awakens the soul that has not yet realized its soul’s purpose. It brings to the surface old ingrained beliefs that are not beneficial to the soul, and dissolves them so the soul can continue on its path of spiritual evolution. It assists in emotional independence and autonomy, eliminates over-dependency and co-dependency. Red Ussingite dissolves blockages at the root/base Chakra level, neutralizing old anger and resentment, releasing it back to the Earth to be transmuted into positive energy. Dissolves sexual blocks, allowing the Kundalini energy to flow freely, with a greater expression of passionate, sexual union and mutual sharing in the experience. (Some sources say Ussingite fluoresces, some say it is distinguished from Sodalite in that it doesn’t fluoresce. Check out: Ussingite Mineralogical Info for more information.)


Quote of the Month

The children of the night...what music they make!
~Count Dracula
Bram Stoker’s Dracula

Yeah, something that looks like Godzilla wearing a giant octopus hat won’t be hard to find.
~Dr. Peter Venkman
The Real Ghostbusters
Episode: “The Collect Call of Cathullu”

Trick or treat, Captain?
~Cmdr. Spock
Yes, Mr. Spock. You’d be a natural.
~Capt. Kirk
Star Trek
Episode: “Catspaw”

Happy Hallowe'en!

Additional Resources

The Crystal Bible 2.
By Judy Hall.

Stone Healing Energy.
Classes taught by Chris and Dave Wattenberg.

Blood Moon is the English Mediaeval name for the full Moon of October. Traditionally, October was when the animals were slaughtered for their meat, to be stored for the coming Winter months when hunting was not possible because of the harsh weather. Also, in October, sometimes September, the Moon appears lower on the horizon and may seem to be a deep red color – an optical illusion. The red of the Autumn Moon, may also contributed to its name.

Here are a couple good websites that show nice pictures of fluorescent minerals while they are fluorescing. I am going to take pictures of mine while they are in non-fluorescent state for the newsletter archive, however, I don’t think my camera will take good photos of the minerals in their fluorescent state...but I’ll attempt it. So these websites will give you good pictures, in case mine don’t turn out.

Fluorescent Mineral Pictures

Fluorescent Mineral Gallery

Fluorescent Minerals: Nature's Hidden Rainbow This site also said that Diamonds fluoresce!

Fluorescent Mineral Society

Miner Shop Greenland Fluorescent Minerals

Check out the metaphysical properties of many other fluorescent minerals in my newsletter archive here: Properties of Fluorescent Minerals - September 2010

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