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  January 11, 2009
Full Moon – Wolf Moon    

Happy New Year!

Welcome 2009. Hope everyone had a good year. And I wish you happiness, prosperity, good health, and of course, fun in 2009.

Blessings to all!

Malachite, Part 3

The magickal properties of Malachite are many. Malachite is a powerful mystical mineral with a long history of magickal associations.

The primary magickal attribute of Malachite, the one you find referenced the most often in modern books and ancient texts, is one of prosperity. Malachite is one of the best minerals to use in abundance spells. Used in conjunction with Lodestone, which holds the power of attraction, it is a good stone to draw money, business opportunities, and great abundance to you. It can help you manifest good fortune and prosperity in your life. According to Scott Cunningham, it is beneficial to “place small pieces of Malachite in the corners of a business or office, or to place a small piece in or near the cash register to draw customers”. He also recommends wearing Malachite “during business meetings or trade shows to increase your ability to obtain good deals and sales”. I like to put a tumbled Malachite stone, plus a Citrine, a green Aventurine, and a Lodestone together in my cash box to increase sales and attract generous customers when I do jewelry shows and holistic fairs.

The second most common reference to Malachite in the ancient world, from the ancient Etruscans, Italy, Germany, Russia, and Istanbul (formerly Byzantium, and then Constantinople) is one of protection. According to the book Crystal Enhancements, Malachite was worn to ward off the “evil eye”. It was also called the Peacock Stone , with its resemblance to the circular eye pattern in a peacock’s tail feathers. It was cut into circular amulets, with the varied green concentric circles radiating from the center, or cut into even more powerful triangular amulets, with the “eye” in the center, to be worn and used as protective charms. By the 17th Century in Europe it was worn and carried not only to protect against psychic attack, but also as a ward against diseases of many kinds. It is especially protective for children. It has the ability to create a protective “cloak of invisibility” when doing magickal work to avoid being noticed by outsiders. It helps us to detect danger, both physical and psychic in nature, by making us more conscious of our surroundings and enhancing our psychic minds. Use with black stones, like Tourmaline/Schorl and Onyx to increase its protective qualities. Tiger Eye, kept in a purse or pocket with a piece of Malachite, is also good for physical protection. Together they strengthen the will, increase physical strength, and keep us grounded with the powerful protective energy of Mother Earth. Malachite, along with other stones, is also said to break into 2 pieces when danger is imminent to worn the wearer.

It is a good mineral to wear near your Heart Chakra to increase your ability to send and receive love. Wear with a piece of Rose Quartz or Rhodochrosite to fully open your heart to unconditional love in all forms: romance, love of self and self worth, a sense of well-being, pure peace, emotional balance, and a forgiving heart.

It is a mineral that helps us in the co-creation of our future. Malachite helps us to see the synchronicity in life, those “happy accidents” of good fortune, that help us on our path of discovery. Carry a piece with you to invite perfect synchronicity into your life.

It is a stone of great power, and easily amplifies both positive and negative energies. So always cleanse Malachite very thoroughly when working with it. Its associations with the power classes and elite dates back to the ancient Egyptians, where the upper classes used it as a cosmetic mineral (for eye makeup), a protective amulet (workers wearing it and working in the Malachite-Copper mines were immune to outbreaks of cholera), and magickal power (Pharaohs wore it in their headdresses to raise their consciousness to a higher vibration and to open their minds to great wisdom and wise counsel). It helps to raise human vibrations to a higher level, allowing greater reception and understanding of the voice of Spirit. Utilize its energy in rituals for manifestation (including manifesting prosperity and manifesting goals in general). It lends a little extra boost of power to magickal rituals, especially spells for abundance, as stated before. The combination of Malachite, Amber, and Black Obsidian in a spell would be extremely powerful, and greatly increase the magickal energy needed. This trio must be used with great respect and caution; it is not for the faint of heart, or someone not adept at directing magickal energy.

Because of its high Copper content it is very healing. Also, it is said to attract love with the help of the Copper. The Copper also increases its ability to absorb negativity from the wearer and transform it into positive energy before releasing it from the auric field into the atmosphere. It acts as a “mirror to the Soul”, reflecting only the truest character and purest feelings of the wearer.

Geology Humor…Yes, there is such a thing

Rock-hound: (pron. rok’-hownd), noun, informal/slang for 1. a person, may be an amateur or even professional geologist, mineralogist, etc., unusually attracted to the finding, digging up, and obsessive collecting of rocks, minerals, and fossils, often at great expense and personal peril; may seriously endanger this person’s social life, or ironically enhance it by making the person more attractive to other geeky rock guys.
From: Alicia’s Personal Dictionary

The following article was first published in The Crystal Gazer, October 2004. And later published in The Conglomerate , November 2004, which is put out by the Michigan Mineralogical Society. I edited it for space, made it into a “count-down”, and renamed it:

Alicia’s Top 10 Ways You Can Tell You Are A Rock-hound:

You may be a rock-hound if...

10.) Your internet home page has pictures of your rocks on it
9.) You find yourself compelled to examine individual rocks in driveway gravel
8.) Your rock garden is located inside your house
7.) You will walk across 8 lanes of freeway traffic to see if the outcrop on the other side of the highway is the same type of rock as the side you’re parked on
6.) You’re planning on using a pick, crack-hammer, and shovel while on vacation
5.) You have ever found yourself trying to explain to airport security that a 3 lb. rock hammer isn’t really a weapon
4.) You have ever uttered the phrase “have you tried licking it?” with no sexual connotations whatsoever
3.) You don’t think of cleavage the same way everyone else does
2.) You consider a recent event to be anything that has happened within the last hundred thousand years

And the #1 way you can tell you may be a rock-hound...

1.) You have ever responded a definitive YES to the question: “What have you got in there, rocks?”

I can honestly say #10 hasn’t happened yet, but I will have pics of some of my collection available on the website soon. I’ve done #9. Also, as anyone who has seen my apartment can attest to, #8 is very true of me. I’ve done #7 on a local field trip with a geology class. I do #6 every time I go to the U.P. Yes, I’ve said #4. (It honestly is the best way to test for Halite. Halite tastes like salt, because it is mineral salt.) #3 also applies, well, sort of...depends on the conversation. And I’ve been asked #1 many times. I am such a rock geek. Cool, man.


January's Full Moon

This moon is also called, in some Native American traditions, the Moon of Cleansing Renewal. Perfect to start off a new year.


Additional Sources

The Witches’ Almanac, LTD Spring 2008 to Spring 2009.


The Book of Stones by Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian. 2005, 2007.

The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall. 2004.

Crystal Enhancements by D.J. Conway. 1999.

Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem, and Metal Magic by Scott Cunningham. 2002.

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