Custom Logos

Flying Cat Productions offers custom logo designs for companies and individuals. Let me create an original drawing for your business. A basic logo is $50 which includes 2 drafts and the final design. Changes after 2nd draft extra.

The drawings on this page are the property of each company/individual.
No images may be reproduced or copied for any reason.


Soul Garden

Monk Mahdi needed a logo that symbolized the oneness between the individual Soul and the Soul of the Earth. After several other incarnations we decided on this final design of the Soul orbiting a rolling valley and rising sun.



Spiritual Goddess Gathering

For this logo, Val wanted a drawing of the traditional Maiden, Mother, Crone aspects of the Goddess --- but different. In my design the Maiden is a strong warrior, the Mother is welcoming all to her heart, and the Crone is a wise medicine woman. This drawing celebrates the many aspects of womanhood and the Goddess in us all.

Avalon Faire

Storm wanted a very specific design for her logo: a Tree of Life representing infinity and the connection to all that is seen and unseen, with totem animals representing the four Elements & a baby for the Spirit hidden in the branches, with 13 apples representing wholeness. It was a challenging design to draw. But the final version is a beautiful, intricate drawing which reveals more and more symbolism each time you look at it.

"Alicia's artistic soul was given full reins to create the Logo for Avalon Faire's Tree of Life. She has intuitive vision, and can see things with otherworldly sight. Whether it be something for your business, personal portrait, book illustration, or seeing and drawing the spirits around you. I highly....HIGHLY recommend Alicia and her true artistic soul. My words do not do her nor her work justice!" -- Storm Pealow-Kuhn, High Priestess Sacred Sept of the Swan

I also created this small and simplified version of Storm's Tree for her business cards.


Enchanted Hosting

Laura wanted a cool, witchy drawing of herself for the logo of her website hosting service. So I did this "magickal portrait" of her. This stylized drawing captures the essence of this enchanted web-mistress.

"Alicia did a wonderful job, everyone who sees this drawing knows it is of me. In fact, both of us liked our "magickal portraits" so much, there are several versions in different colors. I use the purple one for hosting, we use the image with me in red for Infinite Flame Jewelry. My favorite so far is one with me in orange & gold (for the sun) and Alicia in black & silver (for the moon)."
-- Laura Wilson


Infinite Flame Magickal Shoppe

I did a cool, witchy drawing of me to go with Laura's. We decided to use these images for our Infinite Flame Empowered Jewelry.


Mystic Visions

Storm and Linda both wanted the same design for their business, but needed something within the design to be slightly different to represent each one of them. In both, the "M" creates the mountains and the "V" creates a deep valley. The wave faces forward in one version to symbolize looking towards the future and the wave faces backward in the other to symbolize looking towards the past.



Healing Waters Cleansing Center

Denise needed a design that symbolized healing and renewal. I created this peaceful white lotus floating on a cool calming blue pond as the perfect logo for her cleansing center.



I also created these water droplets in her text logo.


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