About The Artist

I was born in Brazil, and came to the US during childhood. I am descended from the indigenous people living in the Amazon rainforest, and from the Portuguese who settled there. I am an Indigo and a Sensitive.

I have been an active artist since I was a child. I attended the College for Creative Studies in Michigan, I graduated with honors in 2001 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. It was through college that I first began selling my art and jewelry at local fairs.

I have worked with animals professionally, and currently volunteer at an animal shelter, FMAR. Cats are especially spiritual beings to me and an inspiration for my art. In 2005 I painted Felis Stellaris, this big cat was used by Friends for the Dearborn Animal Shelter for one of their fundraisers. I frequently work with the feline Goddess, Bastet, in my spiritual practice.

In addition, I continue to explore my connection to the native people of Brazil, the people of the Four Corners region in the US, the ancient Egyptians, and Magickal practices of ancient Britain and Europe. Many of these affinities come from travel as well as past incarnations. I follow the path of the Goddess and practice green magick. I am currently studying to become a crystal energy practitioner/healer.

Along with my art, I create empowered candles with Laura Wilson under the name Infinite Flame.


About The Art

My primary talent is art, particularly drawing. I have experimented with many mediums and crafts over the years. I came to especially love pen and ink drawings. This is how I sketch my costume designs: in pen and ink washes. I love music and theater, and I often find my greatest inspiration in a concerto, an aria, or a play. The directness and honesty of the black lines against white paper allows you to take in all the detail of the clothing and put yourself in the scene which I have set.

For my mandalas, which need intense color, I primarily use pastels and colored pencils. Mandalas are very easy for me to create; they help me relax and allow me to express how I feel, or I want to feel. Even when I am finished making a mandala, I have it to use in meditation or for ritual at a later time. They are ageless images that draw upon our hopes, the collective consciousness of the planet, ancient archetypes, and sacred symbolism.

I also draw pictures of various spiritual beings: such as animal totems, spirit guides, angels, fairies, portals, and images from shamanic journeys. Drawing these spiritual beings is a powerful way for me to contact and communicate with my guides.

Besides my artwork, I am passionate about making jewelry. Every stone, crystal, shell, piece of wood, chosen for a purpose. All jewelry is cleansed of any residual energy, then empowered with the positive energies & qualities of the stones that make up each piece. My handmade jewelry not only looks attractive, but also gives power and/or healing to the wearer


Stone Whisperer Logo copywritten image

I created this drawing as a logo for my jewelry business. Laura, my business partner of Infinite Flame, gave me the idea to do a picture of myself "talking" to an energized crystal. This was the amazing result.
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